Needed the right HVAC contractor

And wow, the cooling comfort from the geo heat pump is incredible

I’m so thankful that we are inside our new home before the Summer weather hits. After we sold our house in order to build this one, we had to live in an apartment for a year. I just couldn’t face another Summer in that apartment. It’s a nice enough place but the air conditioning situation was just awful. That would have everything to do with the fact that the residential HVAC in that place was ancient. In fact, I looked all over the HVAC equipment and couldn’t even find a SEER rating. That’s pretty much unheard of. But somehow, they keep that old HVAC equipment running. My wife and I sweltered through last Summer as the HVAC unit just couldn’t get close to matching the cooling demand. That’s not the case this year. Our house is finished. And thanks to the awesome HVAC contractor we found to install our residential HVAC, we are going to be so amazingly comfortable. We had to find just the right HVAC professional for our residential HVAC. That’s because we wanted someone with direct experience when it comes to installing a geothermal heat pump. The installation is much more complicated than a traditional heat pump. So we wanted to be sure that we found someone with both the knowledge and experience it took to get this right. It’s still May so the air conditioning isn’t on all the time. However, we’ve had it on a few times during the peak heating hours of the day. And wow, the cooling comfort from the geo heat pump is incredible. It won’t be long now before the house is all sealed up for Summer and that geothermal heat pump is earning its keep.

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