New a/c products

Since I labor at a heating & cooling business, I get to see all of the newest a/c products & cool Heating & Air Conditioning technology brought in the store.

I have never been super fascinated with heating & air conditioner technology, but I do like to look at all of the cool, shiny new stuff; Just last week my pal and I had a box of smart temperature controls come in, & they looked so sleek & modern, with a nice touch screen; Then a new kind of heating & air conditioner component arrived, & it was nice. It was a new kind of window air conditioner, it looked pretty cool; Last, I saw some new portable air conditioners come as well, & I genuinely considered reserving one for myself. That is one of the benefits of working at a Heating & Air Conditioning store, I not only get to speak with actual Heating & Air Conditioning workers & get some great energy saving tips, but I can reserve any neat heating & air conditioner products that I like for myself. I was honestly considering nabbing one of the portable air conditioners, but I had to focus on my task & getting it done first. I had a buyer try to make a return with HEPA air filters, complaining they didn’t labor respectfully… After asking a few questions, I found out they were putting them in the wrong way. I told them the correct way, & they left ecstatic. Then there was a call from a person who needed help installing a smart temperature control, so there were a lot of things to do.

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