No need to fear an HVAC upgrade

I don’t like change and never have.

But when it came to changing out the HVAC equipment, I have to say that it was a breeze.

As soon as the old heat pump turned twenty years old, I started worrying. If I could be a professionals worrier, I’d make a ton of money. I was worried that the consistent HVAC maintenance might not be enough. Since the HVAC unit was installed, I had gotten heating maintenance each Fall followed by an air conditioning tune in the Spring. Even though I had never suffered a moment’s loss of quality heating and air, I was still worrying once my heat pump turned twenty. After a couple of years, I was quizzing the HVAC technician after every HVAC maintenance appointment. I wanted to know how long I had and each time, the HVAC professional told me he’d tell me when the end was in sight. So then, I started a new savings account to accompany my worries. Finally, after 26 years, the HVAC technician finally told me that it was time to replace the HVAC equipment. I tried to hold it together because I was envisioning quite the hassle and stress with this change. But the HVAC contractor made it all so easy. He came out and presented several heating and cooling options to my wife and I. Since I already had saved up, all we had to do was pick our new residential HVAC and the HVAC professionals took care of every other detail. It was so easy so what was I worrying about?

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