Nobody’s getting into my Heating and Air Conditioning billfold

I swear, the depths of desperation seem to get only deeper when it comes to what people are willing to do for a dollar.

I unquestionably swim at a community pool where my friend and I all spend money dues for unlimited access to the pool.

This little spot also has a workout room that is air conditioned. I help out around the pool in an effort to provide back a bit. And that includes straightening up the locale after an night swim. I noticed that numerous dumbbells and weight component were disappearing from the a/c of the little work out room. Sure enough, a member was stealing them. I mean, these are not high dollar items however rather old in fact. Still, I found them online being sold for literally dollars. And these people have unbelievable jobs! I was beyond disappointed and a bit stunned. But then again, I have had to put a reinforced steel cage over the Heating and Air Conditioning lodgeet that sits outside my home. There is a trend that has popped up recently where thieves are ripping apart this piece of residential Heating and Air Conditioning component to get to the copper fittings. Again, my friend and I are talking about handfuls of copper that is then sold on the black market for pennies on the dollar, and yet, this type of burglary leaves in its wake thousands of dollars in heating and cooling component completely destroyed. I hate to sound like some whining old guy. But I’m just getting more and more upset at what I’m seeing from people. I hate that there are people in situations or with mindsets that stealing is somehow justified.

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