Noises that you shouldn’t hear

Your Heating as well as A/C system should not be causing any of the noises you hear in your home.

You should not hear Heating as well as A/C systems or HVAC ducts.

So, if you abruptly hear a noise that wasn’t there before, it’s not something to ignore. Your air vents may be whistling due to jammed airflow. Check that your vents are open and nothing is blocking them. Take immediate action if you hear dripping water from your air conditioner. The system should be turned off instantly and checked by an Heating as well as A/C professional. It may be that something is loose in your air conditioner if you hear rattling, but make sure there is no loose debris hitting the condenser fan on the outdoor unit. There could be a loose piece in the system or a faulty compressor if no debris is visible. Noises from inside could be coming from the air handler… A loose screw or wobbly supply air fan is likely to cause this. A professional Heating as well as A/C professional should address these complications instantly to prevent further injure. It could be a loose fan belt or worn bearing, or it could be the more extreme sound of a dying compressor. The most respected cause of squeaking is a belt or bearing. Your comfort system may be low on refrigerant if it makes gurgling or bubbling noises. Your comfort system will likely struggle to cool your home if it’s low on refrigerant, and making loud noises! Leaking refrigerant is bad for the environment and for your health. Call an Heating as well as A/C corporation instantly.