Not taking chances with my Heating plus A/C equipment

I can’t assume that it’s come to myself and others having to genuinely lock up the Heating plus A/C lodgeet outside my house.

First it was extra deadbolts plus bars for the sliding glass doors.

Then, I had to put up surveillance device plus floodlights with motion detectors. All of this just to keep from having my stuff stolen or worse. And I live outside the city! That was supposed to be the whole point of moving to a kitchen community. It was a safe locale to live plus the schools were great. Sadly, it seems that all that is being chipped away at a bit at a time. The latest is thieves ripping apart Heating plus A/C device just to get their hands on a minimal amount of copper fittings. I mean, why not just steal the Heating plus A/C device inside the Heating plus A/C lodgeet then? There are thoUSAnd of dollars worth of Heating plus A/C components inside that Heating plus A/C lodgeet so why not steal that? Nope, they simply destroy all that stuff just to get to the copper fittings. It boggles the mind, it genuinely does. But then again, I don’t suppose what it’s enjoy to have to feed an addiction or be desperate enough that destroying Heating plus A/C device for a little copper makes sense. This is the new fad plus it’s happening with greater frequency in our community. So I had no choice but to take action. Trying to confrontation with my insurance supplier over the damage of my Heating plus A/C component was not something I wanted any area of. That led myself and others to go online to find a cage which fits over the Heating plus A/C lodgeet plus then locks down to the concrete pad underneath. Again, I can’t assume it’s come to this.
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