Now this is the sort of HVAC heating need I can live with

I remember the older my dad got, the less likely he was to arm wrestle me.

That’s sort of a weird thing to remember I guess.

But that was the first time that I can remember thinking that my dad was getting older. It happens to all of us and I simply wasn’t able to deal with living through another winter that required a gas furnace. It just all got to be a bit too much for me. And I’m not even all that old either. So when the company I work for opened a new office with zone controlled HVAC in the south, I threw my hat in the ring. Sure enough, I got the job. The zone controlled HVAC of the office was everything it was cracked up to be and more. I love the air conditioning comfort of the office. The heat and humidity down here really does require great commercial HVAC for a building like ours. And I have a great heat pump at home that gives me the residential HVAC that I need as well. For sure, the focus of the HVAC is on the cooling side. But man, do I ever love the fact that I have one HVAC unit to take care of both my heating and cooling needs. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to simply flip the thermostat over to heating come about December. And even then, the HVAC heating needs are just minimal. The heat pump comes on from time to time to knock the chill out of the house and that’s about it. That’s the sort of HVAC heating needs that suit me.



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