Offering advice as an Heating and A/C professional to the man who later became our fiance

To say it was love, at first sight would be a lie.

  • It was more love animosity at first sight.

My first impression of him was that he was pompous. It was not in anything he said however how he filled a room when he walked in. His rolled-up sleeves just emphasized his toned arms and broad shoulders. His gait was that of a confident man, comfortable in his own skin. Bob was the perfect representation of masculinity. I hated him, or rather, the way he made me feel. This was the fifth time I was meeting him to present the company proposal. When I walked into his office, I found it uncomfortably warm. A small fan on his desk was running, so I assumed he felt the heat. When I finished our presentation, I could no longer sit there, and I asked him what was wrong with their Heating and A/C. There was a smart thermostat that proved obvious. Bob told me they had called the heating corporation, and the Heating and A/C professional still needed to arrive. His PA had contacted the heating company two fifths earlier. I was done with our appointments for the day. I asked him if I could look at their whole home heating system. He led me to the heat pump upgrade and helped me fetch our tools. He was with me the entire time. I conducted gas furnace service and told him it would help with indoor comfort before their heating serviceman came to replace some of the parts. He was impressed that he asked if I had ever worked in the heating industry, and I told him I owned a heating business. The following questions led me to think he wanted to learn more about heating, especially the heat pump. He told me he wanted to purchase new heating equipment and would contact me to discuss it. We have been married for 20 years now.



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