Only a few people call for boiler repairs

A boiler is a great heating system.

Boiler heaters can last for a long time. Boiler heaters are also very energy efficient. They cost a lot less money to fuel your home than a machine that uses oil or gas. Boiler heaters also provide moisture into the air when accompanied with a humidifier. I work for a company that handles boiler repairs. We have commercial and residential clients. We don’t really get a lot of calls for boiler repairs, so I take notice when there is a job on the schedule. I was assigned to a commercial boiler repair at a business down by the wharf. I recognized the address right away, because it was a restaurant that my girlfriend and I frequently visit. I had the commercial boiler repair scheduled in the afternoon. When I arrived at the restaurant, the manager recognized me. My girlfriend and I probably go there three times each week, so we really are regulars. After I fixed the boiler problem, the owner of the restaurant told me that I could eat there for free. I laughed and said that would be great. I didn’t think that the owner was really going to give me free food the next time I was there, but my girlfriend and I went to dinner on Friday night and the manager came out to the table and said that the check was on the house. We had drinks and appetizers that night and the total for our bill was almost $100. Honestly, I felt a little bad when we didn’t have to pay for anything.


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