Our trip almost went wrong due to a detrimentd a/c.

Last year I decided to take my wifey on a surprise trip for our birthday. I booked a great hotel for both of us. On arrival, I discovered that the air conditioning in our room was not working. It was during the sizzling season, and it was self-explanatory to notice the problem. I immediately reported the problem to the management of the hotel and they promised to call the Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance for the Ac repair. The temperatures there are usually really high and it would be unfavorable for us to be in a hotel room without a great a/c. I wanted this holiday to be a great one for my wifey. I wanted her to feel special and to have a great time. The Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman from the dwelling services came to check the device and she informed us that it was detrimentd and hence they were going to install a up-to-date one to help with indoor comfort. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional also visited our room to confirm the serviceman’s feedback. I decided to ask the management to assign us a up-to-date room if the problem was not going to be solved by the end of the afternoon. The manager assured us that she was going to visit an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to buy a up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning unit, however later on, the device was installed. It took a while since the HVAC duct was done again since there was a problem with the air duct. At first, they thought it was a problem with the Ac filter from the previous equipment, but they realized that it was a greater problem. By night, all the labor was complete. The up-to-date device was working perfectly, and the Air quality was good. In the night, the manager came to apologize for the inconvenience. Our trip was not ruined after all, and we had a great time.


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