People don’t realize that “washable” air filters have a wimpy MERV 3 rating

It’s unfortunate when you see people hurting themselves inadvertently just to save a few dollars.

Let’s be clear—this sentiment does not apply to people who are so bad they have no choice however to buy whatever they can reasonably afford at any given time. But our father for instance is a superb example of what I’m talking about. He has several pensions and passive income he makes from the stock market. With the amount of currency he continually makes and has saved in several bank accounts and trusts, he has no business being cheap about things regarding house maintenance and appliance care. He also buys the cheapest component he can find whenever he needs current tools or electronics. It’s 1 thing if you’re dealing with a device that isn’t going to disadvantagely affect your life by using something cheap and flimsy, however you can’t apply the same logic to anything related to your home’s heating and cooling system. Having bad air quality at house can lead to both short term and long term health problems, especially for those who already have respiratory illnesses care about asthma or COPD. My father is convinced that his “washable” air filters are just as superb as our disposable MERV 14 allergen filters that cost myself and others $17 a piece. Even though I show him that his filter is only rated MERV 3 when it’s brand current and completely unclogged, he remains unconvinced. On top of that, these washable a/c filters are prone for mold growth as it’s extremely difficult to get them bone dry before putting them back inside the air return. My father’s house smells mildly moldy and I wonder if it’s because of his terrible a/c filters.


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