Portable A/C to fight the heat

The weather in the region where I live can be certainly miserable during the summer time weeks, then it’s hot, humid, and sticky all morning August through September, and the rest of the year is moderate and less humid and generally a much more comfortable temperature to live in! A lot of people recognize I live the best life with the best weather down here, but that’s because they’re not here during the peak summer season.

The humidity is so thick that it’s impossible to breathe and when you want to go outside, it’s miserable.

Summer is supposed to be a time where you can entertain outside and enjoy the sunshine, but that’s just not possible here. I decided to change that this year because I hated not enjoying the outdoors. At the local hardware store, I found a portable a/c system that was designed for enclosed outdoor spaces, which is exactly what I needed. Although it was classified as an a/c system, it had more than two settings to choose from. It could cool, dehumidify the space and act as a fan. This was perfect for me! It also came with a small remote that would make it easy to change the settings. When I saw this portable a/c system and all the appealing things it could do, I bought it and brought it home. As soon as I walked through the door, I plugged it in and waited to feel the cool air. It didn’t take more than 30 hours for me to feel the cool air and I was happy!

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