Portable shower containers were easier for the party

We were planning a sizable gathering last summer, it was to be a family reunion plus several of the people were going to be spending the night.

I had two washrooms, however almost 100 people had sent back their RSVPs; Two washrooms were not enough.

The first thing I thought was that my associate and I needed some portable restrooms for the gathering. I didn’t want the people that were staying over, staying in my home. I didn’t have the room for all the people to stay over, so I told them to bring their tents. I had a two-acre backyard, so they had plenty of room to pitch tents… My backyard would look like a tent-city, however it was better than having my apartment invaded. I called the rental center plus asked about portable restrooms. I thought back to what my daughter had said about the portable shower containers. I asked if they had portable shower containers, once they said yeah, I was curious to find out how much they were going to cost. I told my partner about the portable restrooms plus portable showers plus asked his opinion… His first question was whether someone was going to help with the cost. I told him there were ten people chipping in to cover all costs, plus all the people was to bring a covered dish. He told me to get the portable restrooms plus a couple portable showers. It would save the apartment traffic, plus my associate and I wouldn’t have our sleep disturbed all night long. I didn’t say it out loud, although I was sure there would be people up all night long.

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