Pretty close isn’t good enough when it comes to residential HVAC

I think we all realize that there are some risks that have to be taken if you are engaged in this life.

There are plenty of decisions in our lives that come with a certain amount of risk.

I think that’s just an accepted part of life. However, a calculated risk is one thing. Taking a big chance because you weren’t prepared is another animal. The latter is the sort of risk I ended up taking with my HVAC unit. I know how long we’ve lived in this house. Also, I know that we replaced the HVAC unit about a year after we bought our home. I can do simple math and deduct how old the HVAC equipment actually was. Given those facts, once the HVAC equipment hit the 20 year mark, I should have started saving money to replace the residential HVAC. But I didn’t even get close to doing that at all. The idea of having to replace the HVAC unit just somehow escaped me. We have always had the HVAC professionals perform of the needed seasonal HVAC Service, the HVAC unit wasn’t going to last forever that was obvious. I know this so why didn’t I start saving for new residential HVAC? That’s a question I don’t seem to be able to answer. When the HVAC technician came out to do the air conditioning tune up, he told me the HVAC unit was on its last legs. My wife and I had to make a decision and we decided to see if we could get one more summer out of the HVAC equipment. We almost got to the end of August before the HVAC unit died. But getting close doesn’t matter when it comes to air conditioning.


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