Renovating a work of art with new HVAC technology

It always pays off to be sure that you have the right people for the right job.

And that’s what we did when it came to renovating our home.

We needed real professionals to be sure set this classic’s design was maintained. My wife and I knew that it would be an undertaking but we thought it would be worth it. When it came to the HVAC, there was a special challenge. We need to just the right HVAC contractor for the job. The house we bought and decided to restore its original state was assigned well before there was residential HVAC. This posed a problem for us. The previous owners had a sort of hodge-podge of heating and cooling. There were some window air conditioning units as well as space heaters. The heating of the house wasn’t the biggest concern since we live where the winter isn’t all that rough. The need for a HVAC heating was secondary. The need for HVAC cooling was primary. So we searched and searched until we found the right HVAC professional for this project. The first thing we did was rip out all the old HVAC equipment. To flow with the design, we chose to go with a series of ductless heat pumps. Having ductwork out in the open was out of the question. Plus, the ductless heat pumps blend right in with the design of the home. The results of our new residential HVAC are a profound success. And it had everything to do with finding the right professional for the job. In this case, it was finding the right HVAC professional for a really tough challenge when it came to heating and cooling.

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