Replacing our Commercial Air Conditioners with Inverter Type Units

We have been cooling down my dad’s house with these two huge commercial units that use a ton of power.

Sometimes the power bills in the summer are over $850 and my dad finally had enough of it and bought some new inverter type units that are supposed to be really energy efficient.

I’m not sure what he paid for them but I know they aren’t cheap, yet I also know that they are going to save him a lot of money over the years so the investment in them is well worth it. We are going to have the HVAC company come out next week to install them and we are a bit antsy to see how much money they are going to save us in power bills. I want to watch them remove the two large units that we have now because they are on the second floor and are very heavy. I don’t think the local HVAC contractor has a crane to take them out so I am interested in seeing how they do it. Maybe they will just drop them onto the back yard because they are pretty old and I don’t think they can use them for anything anymore. I need to run down to the local business after we get the new units and grab a couple washable HEPA filters to have as backup when it comes time to take out the old ones. I think they have a sale this week on them so that is why I am going to buy two of them.


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