She needed an electrician before turning in.

Our granddaughter owned a house that belonged to his father-in-law. The hour my partner walked in, he told his there was no way he was going to allow his to take our great-grandsons into the house, and whoever had hung the ceiling lights had them jammed into electrical cords that were part of extension cords, and duct tape held together everything together, plus the wood stove in the living had duct tape wrapped around the pipe to keep it together, he told his the first thing he was going to get was an electrician, and he needed an electrician before moving in, however my partner was an electrician by trade, although he had been retired for so long that he wasn’t sure he knew all the electrical codes plus he wanted our grandsons to be safe. He called a neighbor who was still toiling as an electrician plus asked him if he would come to the house plus look at the electrical system. When Pete walked into the house, his mouth dropped open. He said there were more electrical troubles in this house than there were mouse droppings, plus they were all over the counters plus floors. He said he could redo the electrical system, but it was on our granddaughter to hire an exterminator plus get the woodwork repaired. There were holes everywhere that the rodents had chewed. If it had been up to my partner plus his neighbor Pete, they would have burned the house down plus rebuilt it from scratch. I couldn’t believe his father-in-law thought this house was habitable, especially for his grandchildren.

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