Shipping basket office

So I made it our office.

My hubby plus I both work from home, every one of us also can’t share a kitchen, and she snores plus I am a light sleeper! I want heating at all times plus she prefers AC. I tend to sleep in plus she gets up early, however sharing a kitchen was horrible for us, nobody seemed to sleep plus we argued about what was kept in the room, and my hubby works long hours at her desk plus is on video calls. She didn’t want to have her kitchen shown in the video. She also enjoys a current space to do her work afternoon i. I didn’t want to share an office with our kitchen either. This meant the more than one of us required many rooms in our more than four kitchen house. When we had our son, it was perfect! Our daughter was surprised that threw a monkey wrench into our plans, however there was nowhere for her to go. My hubby plus I couldn’t share a space plus neither of us wanted to lose our office. I did some looking online plus found the best solution was getting a mobile office set up. It is a shipping basket that is converted to be a USAble space. There is a door that locks, window, electric, Heating plus A/C plus plumbing. My hubby originally said no to the container. So I made it our office. It is immense with its own private bathroom. I also am away from the hustle plus bustle of the house. My hubby is now super envious plus dying to switch with me. I will be keeping our mobile office setup.



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