Showing of my new heat pump

My brother called me on Friday morning to share the good news.

His company promoted him to line manager of one of the most prestigious toy shops in the country.

Lucas had worked there for five years. He was such a hard worker and diligent at work, and I was not surprised to find out that they had promoted him. Naturally, I invited him to my house to celebrate his success. It was an excellent time to host him and his girlfriend because I had just gotten a new heat pump. A fortnight ago, I called the HVAC company to find out which HVAC systems were within my budget because my furnace broke down. I initially wanted to call an HVAC repairman for furnace/heater repair, but he would disagree because, in hospital terms, my unit was on a life support machine, and after this last breakdown, it was the end. I had a new furnace filter they would take back if it were incompatible with my new unit. The new HVAC equipment would help with indoor comfort because I had long forgotten what quality heating felt like. The challenges I faced with the old system taught me more about heating devices because they constantly needed attention. It was an expensive venture to call an HVAC technician every time, so I learned to do some things. With the new unit, I was going to take HVAC maintenance seriously. I had scheduled a bi-annual heat pump service. I went out with the dinner preparations as we toasted Luca’s promotion and wished him the best in the new position.

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