Starting out with new central air conditioning

I wasn’t sure just what to do when my fears about the HVAC equipment were confirmed.

This was my first house buying experience and I tried really hard to follow up on all the details when it came to my due diligence.

When it came to the heating and cooling equipment, I knew that there would need to be upgrades. But what I didn’t realize was that the ductwork was out of date and needed to be replaced. The central air conditioning in this house has been in place for maybe fifty years or more. And it shows. Of course, the gas furnace and the heat pump have been replaced several times I imagine. But the ductwork was rather rudimentary at best. There weren’t many air ducts when it came to the ventilation. Additionally, it was pretty clear that the ductwork itself was so old that it wasn’t repairable at all. The HVAC contractor confirmed all of this when he came out to inspect and discuss the HVAC upgrade. I had the option of going with ductless heat pumps throughout the house. And that’s a fine option. However, I really had my heart set on having central air conditioning along with the latest in HVAC technology. Fortunately, the ductwork could be replaced without too much chaos and problems. So I opted to go with that. The HVAC professionals were great and it took them less time to replace all the ductwork and add onto the central air conditioning. I’m now the proud owner of the best quality heating and air I could have ever asked for.

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