Sudden rise in heat and AC bills

If you are like me and keep a close eye on your heating and AC bills, then you know when something is up. I went and took a look at my unit air conditioning system to make sure that it was running officially and I couldn’t find anything that would be causing it to have a ride in my energy bills. I run my HVAC unit off of a smart thermostat that controls the temperature for me. I have a schedule to keep so I schedule the smart thermostat around my schedule. The thing is, my schedule hasn’t changed at all and so my energy bills shouldn’t have either. I still come home and have my heating and cooling come on and turn off at the same time as always. I thought maybe it was a fault on the behalf of the smart thermostat but I watched and saw the smart thermostat turn the HVAC unit on and off exactly like it was supposed to. This is when I knew it must be something with the HVAC unit. A repairman came out to service the issue and he found that the heat and air conditioning unit wasn’t running efficiently and that was causing strain resulting in the higher costs. If you have a straining heating and cooling system it can’t heat or cool the house like it should and so this can cause a rise in the price. It was repaired and once that was complete all went back to normal.
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