Sunshine and HVAC keep me on track

When you deal with anxiety and depression all of your life, it can be such an overwhelming burden to carry.

I’m in my 70’s and still working to manage my mental and emotional health almost daily. It’s been this way since I was in highschool and maybe before. Much of that time was spent at home. I grew up poor and we didn’t have much in our home. There wasn’t any sort of residential HVAC in our home and I wore hand me downs. My parents were so beat down from their jobs and trying to keep us fed that they often turned to alcohol to numb the pain. I’m glad that I at least steered clear of that. Still, I’ve had to really pay close attention to just how I’m feeling and adjust when need be. One sure fire way to help me stop spiraling has been to get out of the air conditioning and get some sun on my face. Literally just putting my face into the sunshine can help me pull out of a dive into dark spots. Often times, I’d hold on with all I had just to get to lunchtime. Then, I’d get out of the commercial HVAC for some air but it was the sun I was looking for. In fact, I live where I do because the sun shines here more than just about anywhere else. But as I’ve slowed down, I’ve needed so help betting my vitamin sunshine. Thankfully, I now have a ductless heat pump out in my sunroom. This way I can have some air conditioning when the heat gets to be too much for me to be outside. I’m sure thankful for that because the sunshine still keeps me on track.

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