Sure glad I listened to the realtor when it came to HVAC upgrade

And that pretty much ended her visit.

I wish I was a bit better about controlling my emotions at times. Yet, I tend to get pretty defensive when I perceive disrespect when it comes to me or my family. Apparently, this goes for the family home and my HVAC unit as well. It took us a long time, but my wife and I decided it was best to put the family home up for sale. The real estate market was just on fire and we couldn’t pass it up. Considering that we had been talking about selling the home for years, this seems like just the right time. We called the realtor that was recommended to us to come out and list our house. She barely even said hello before she started ripping into our place. Like I said, I can be a bit sensitive do any sort of attack or insult on anything I love. And I really got upset the longer she critiqued are home. And when she got to a HVAC equipment I pushed back. As long as I’ve had this HVAC equipment, I invested in plenty of HVAC maintenance every single year. The residential HVAC wasn’t even 15 years old at the time. So there was plenty of life left. I got actually pretty angry at the suggestion that we had to replace the HVAC unit. And that pretty much ended her visit. The next time she came back she was much more respectful and she brought along data from comps in our area that proved her point. See also informed me of a program with the local HVAC company that would recycle my HVAC equipment. It would go to people or organizations that needed better HVAC equipment but couldn’t afford it.

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