Survived the Car Ride and Now I am Alive for yet Another Day

I don’t want to complain about the crazy car ride last night, as it seems like a lot of people like to complain and I don’t want to get myself into the habit as well.

We just had a scary car ride home from the skiing trip on the mountain and it shook me up a bit.

We were going down the highway and the windshield, along with all of the windows in the car, fogged up to the point where you couldn’t see out at all. We had to pull over, with the heater on full blast, and were almost hit by a semi trailer truck in the process. I think it got all fogged up inside the car because we were all covered in snow when we got in and the snow melted from the HVAC system’s heating device in the car. All of the windows fogged up in a matter of a few minutes and the defroster wasn’t doing anything at all. As soon as you wiped the window it would fog up again in a second or two. But, we survived the incident unscathed and were back on the road within a few minutes with the windows opened a bit to keep the car from fogging up again. The HVAC tech told us this would happen but we didn’t think it could happen so quickly, but he was right and next time we will know to get the snow off of us before leaving in the car. The local business where we ate had some wonderful central heating and we had a great meal after the trip.


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