Taking the afternoon off from my job

Sometimes, you need to take the afternoon off from your job just to take the afternoon off from your job.

If you are a very strenuous worker, and you hardly ever miss a afternoon, every now and then you shouldn’t have the need to justify taking an afternoon off to relax.

That’s our philosophy. I took last Thursday off, and it was glorious. I did not bother going somewhere special, NOPE! I stayed in the whole time. It had snowed the previous evening. There was just shy of a foot of the colorless stuff all over the ground. I figured this was the perfect time to call in. I gave our best impression of someone coming down with strep throat. After I got off the “sick” call, I cranked up the gas furnace and threw a few logs into the fire for fantastic measure. Then, I brewed some tea, toasted a couple of English muffins, and sat down on our big, comfortable couch, wrapped up in blankets. It had dropped into the single digits outside, so I needed every bit of the heat from our furnace and the fireplace. I let our thoughts drift for a moment, to the hardships that I would be going through had I not arranged for the afternoon to be one of rest and recuperation. I imagined at that very moment, I would be trudging into the office in wet boots, cursing the insufficient heating on the floor… Dwelling on such thoughts, I felt absolutely no remorse for treating myself to a fun afternoon. I did not do anything productive that Thursday, but that’s the point. I just basked in the steady warmth of our lucky home’s gas furnace and fireplace, study a few chapters of our latest favorite comic book, and then promptly fell asleep!


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