Talk to me, not at me.

When the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman came to the condo last week, he quickly diagnosed the furnace and then he came upstairs and told me what was wrong. I did not believe what he was talking about most of the time as he talked about this component and that component. I talked to him and asked questions, however he was using the Heating plus Air Conditioning vernacular that I just didn’t understand. He sounded love my doctor as he got all technical and I tuned him out. When my husband got home, I told him what had happened and said I didn’t believe what he did, and how many repairs he had to make. My husband went over the papers and he had to admit he truly didn’t understand what the young guy was talking about, however he was going to find out. He called the Heating plus Air Conditioning business and asked if someone could decipher what the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman wrote. They explained about bizarre components and one of them needed upgraded, but it wasn’t conceivable, and replacing the component would be truly fancy, and it could leave the furnace compromised. He said the furnace could end up having by-products escape, which could include carbon monoxide, but carbon monoxide was a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that could kill if not detected early enough. I told them to upgrade the furnace, although I didn’t want another gas furnace. I preferred something without ductwork and asked about a ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning system. The people I was with and I had already talked about central cooling system, and the ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning plan appeared to be the best choice for us.


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