Temperature sensor in the bedroom

For some reason we couldn’t understand, our daughter’s room was consistently warmer than every other room in the house! It was always that way, however it’s gradually gotten worse and worse.

We tried altering the thermostat settings, opening and closing air vents, and even leaving her kitchen fan on twenty four seven, then none of our attempts made a difference in the temperature and we didn’t know there was anything we could do. During one of HVAC tune ups, we casually mentioned her kitchen and the HVAC professional told us about something special, but he proposed that we purchase some thermostat room sensors and I had never heard of this before. The HVAC professional told us that room sensors could be placed in any room that your thermostat had a difficult time getting an accurate temperature from. If We Placed one in our daughter’s bedroom, the thermostat would get an accurate reading and cool her room better. We were skeptical at first, however it ended up being a success! We bought the thermostat sensors in a pack of more than three from the local hardware store and placed one in our daughter’s kitchen; Within a few hours,we observed a significant difference in the temperature of the room. we used to walk into her room and know warmth, however now walk in and don’t know a difference in temperature at all! It felt like I cared about such an easy fix andi that I hadn’t thought of it sooner. We’re so thankful for our HVAC professional’s suggestion.

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