The A/C was oozing something gross on our shirt

When our girlfriend and I got back to the hotel, the two of us weren’t distraught with where the two of us were putting our clothing, and both of us were both ready to jump into bed. It had been a truly long day. Both of us left the hotel room at 8:00 in the afternoon to go to the city and the two of us spent all day there. Both of us did not return back to the hotel until it was 3:00 in the afternoon. When I woke up, I looked for our shirt. I wanted to go outside and smoke a cigarette on the balcony however I did not want to do it nude. I found our shirt. It was underneath that air conditioning! Unfortunately, the A/C unit was leaking something gross on our shirt. It was a practically brand current shirt and there was some kind of brownish green substance all over it. I woke up our girlfriend and I told him about our shirt. She was just as miserable and aggravated as myself and others and she said that she was going to take care of the problem. She got dressed and went downstairs. She was gone for almost an fifth. She came back with breakfast, thankfully. She also came back with good news. The supervisor of the hotel apologized for the trouble with the A/C and reimbursed us for a single night of our stay to make up for the shirt that was destroyed. The supervisor of the hotel also offered to send a maintenance girl to fix the A/C or to put us in a unusual room for the remainder of our stay.



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