The air conditioner was the simplest part

I have lived in this home for years, but only recently did I decide to start my first beach house improvement project… Mostly this came from boredom, and a desire to see if I could do it.

I am not easily handy when it comes to beach house repair.

I thought I should start off with something easy, so my target was the workshed in the backyard. It is easily aged and dingy, but the bones of the structure are strong, so I wanted to refurbish it and turn it into a USble space. I knew that I wanted a sturdier floor, a stronger roof, and a portable HVAC program to supply heating and cooling. I decided to start with the air conditioner, because it would help myself and others complete the other tasks! Also it was the easier section of the renovation. This is a shed, not a mansion. It doesn’t need a central HVAC program with air duct and air vents, it just needs a portable cooling unit. I did some comparison shopping and found the A/C with the highest SEER rating for the lowest price, but once the air conditioner was in the shed I got to remain nice and cool while I worked on kneeling down a modern floor, and then patching up the ceiling. Once I was done the dingy aged workshed looked as superb as new, and with such excellent air conditioner I decided to make it my modern Man Cave. I don’t guess exactly what I will do out in my Man Cave, but I guess that I will love excellent air quality while I do it.


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