The air filter was filthy

We got a call a few minutes ago. The call was a lady complaining about her cooling machine having some issues.The issues it was having was it was not cooling her home as efficiently as it should have been. The appointment was scheduled for me to go to her place and take a look at what is going on. I hopped in the HVAC company truck and started driving towards her home. Her home was somewhat difficult to find, it was in a more forested area, and difficult to see, but I managed to find it anyway. When the lady answered, I noticed she looked quite old. Her home had fallen into disrepair, and I couldn’t help but to wonder if no one was taking care of her. I found her air conditioning system, and the problem was immediately obvious. Her air filter was clogged and incredibly dirty. If I am being honest, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in several years. I am not sure how her air conditioning machine is still working, usually that would be enough to shut a HVAC device down, with neglect like that. Nevertheless, I took the old and very gross air filter out, and replaced it with a new fresh one. The fresh HEPA filter was all it needed. After that I told the lady it was good to go. I also told her about the HVAC service plan, to prevent her air conditioner from falling into disrepair again, and then I left. I felt bad for the lady, and hoped that she had a family that could help her.


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