The air purifier removes a lot of the allergens and dust

Construction on a brand new office building started across the street and there has been a lot of dust and debris in the air. It looks dusty outside all day while we are working. I can barely see the other side of the property most days. A couple of employees inside of the office started having allergy attacks because the dirt and dust is getting into our air system. The boss decided to buy two air cleaning machines for the office until the construction project has been completed. The two air cleaning machines were also in the office when we had to deal with the coronavirus. We got the air purifier from the same exact company that rented them to us during that time. Construction is supposed to last for 3 months. During that time the air purifiers will help remove all of the dust, dirt, and indoor contaminants so we have clean and fresh air to breathe while we are at work. It’s easy to see that the machines work. It honestly has me thinking about adding an air cleaning machine to my home. I spoke with one of the company representatives and the guy said that he could come to do a free analysis of the indoor air. I’m afraid it’s going to cost a lot of money to have the air filtration system set up. If I have a salesperson that is good at their job, I might end up purchasing something that I really cannot afford. Although it would be nice to have a whole home air purification system, I am happy to settle for a couple of room air purifiers instead.