The air vents are in the wrong place

I recently moved into a new home and I must say that I have never seen anything like it.

Everything in this house is really weird.

Whoever designed it clearly didn’t know what they were doing, it is a shame because it is a beautiful three story home. So what is so weird about it? Well for starters the heating and air conditioning system is installed in the living room. The air from the heating and cooling system comes through the air vents which are placed in equally strange places in the house. There is an air vent at level with the countertop in the bathroom. It is right next to the sink! There are another three in the garage, yes three and they are all on the same wall spaced only 8 inches apart from each other. In the bedroom there isn’t one at all and so my husband and I had to buy a window air conditioning, and there is even one in the floor, an air vent in the floor wouldn’t be too weird since older homes used to have air vents in the floor. If it weren’t for the fact that this air vent in the floor is right in the middle of the kitchen. There are all kinds of strange things in this house and because of it I have had to call the local heat and a/c corporation and schedule an appointment with them to move the HVAC system out of our living room. Hopefully in time, I can get this home to be normal.
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