The answer was no way

I was having an independent HVAC specialist come to my home to supply myself and others an bid on installing a brand new, new plus pretty fancy central HVAC plan unit.

I wanted to believe the price plus the process he would do.

Once he told myself and others everything plus gave myself and others a price I said no way! His costs were much higher than that of a correct HVAC contractor plus I was pretty upset about the fact that he would not have any help plus be alone in doing the replacement of the brand new, new plus pretty luxurious central HVAC unit, but so I ended up going to my local HVAC contractor plus having them set up a time to come out to install my brand new plus new central HVAC plan unit. Their prices were more like what I was expecting. And not to mention, they send out 3 HVAC specialists to do the job plus do the job right! That is how you have to install a brand new plus new central HVAC plan unit. You can not do it as a 1 man show like the independent HVAC specialist wanted to do plus charge myself and others a small luck for. Things just do not work that way when it comes to HVAC plan replacements! He may have been a good heat plus a/c worker otherwise, but for replacement of heating plus cooling, he was a crook!


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