The cold is slowing down my work

I made an attempt to do some of my writing work outside in the mountains the other afternoon when I was taking a quick break from skiing.

At first, I was typing perfectly fine, but then after numerous hours my fingers were no longer working as well and my typing became terribly slow and sloppy.

I totally realize that you need pretty warm fingers to type fast and shouldn’t try to do so out on a cold mountain top in the middle of the nippy season. They need to make heated keyboards for skiers like me so the people I was with and I can work in cold sites like that! The HVAC appliance industry should get into things such as this and expand beyond gas heating appliances and air conditioning systems. Maybe they already have heated keyboards and I need to get one somewhere. It would be wonderful to be able to work outside in the frigid weather on your computer and have moderate hands to do the work. I am resting beside my oil furnace right now because it is ice-cold outside and I am trying to get my work done while keeping warm. My fingers are a bit icy still and I can truly feel that they are a bit clumsier than normal, but I am doing my best to keep them moderate so I can finish my work soon. We actually are going to go sledding soon and I want to get my HVAC equipment work done so I can go with everyone! This month is our last afternoon in this town and the people I was with and I will be heading back to our little neighborhood later so I need to get going with my work very soon.
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