The cold winter air was good for both of us

It’s nice to get away and go on vacation.

My wife and I each get 3 weeks of vacation during the year.

We usually take a two-week vacation during the summer, but we also take an extra week of vacation during the winter break. Last year the two of us went skiing for our winter vacation. The cold winter air was really good for the both of us. I felt like my sinuses were clearer than they had been in a long time. There’s something about the cold air at a high altitude. It doesn’t really seem as cold when you get higher. Maybe it is the body acclimating to the weather, but I didn’t feel as cold on the mountain as I did when we were in our cabin. Thankfully we had two different heating systems in the cabin. We had a fireplace in the master bedroom with plenty of fuel to keep us warm the whole week. We also had access to a traditional gas furnace. The gas furnace was connected to a programmable thermostat. We made sure that the cabin was warm and cozy when we came back from skiing every afternoon. I started a fire in the hearth when we got back and we finished our night sitting by the fireplace enjoying each other’s company. At the end of the day we just wanted to sit in front of the fireplace and relax with our feet up and a big cup of hot cocoa. The trip to the mountains was easily one of the best vacations we have had in a while.

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