The colder the room and the more sound

I dislike how sensitive I am when it comes to getting a great night’s rest. The primary thing that bugs myself and others is when there is too much noise around the house. If I want to get to sleep earlier in the night so that I shall easily be able to wake up early and be ready for toil bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I have to contend with our fiance and kids making all sorts of noise. My go-to repair for this is cranking our fan up to high to block out all the racket with white noise. It also keeps myself and others nice and cool so that I won’t get warm and toss and turn at night. My fiance is well aware that I appreciate a nice, cool room when I sleep, and though I appreciate her, I know it’s a struggle for her, because she gets chilly absurdly easily! She’s not above turning the temperature control up every now and then to suit her personal comfort level, although I end up waking up on such nights covered in sweat! Every now and then I shall walk over to the temperature control, and sure enough, she shall have turned it up about 3° above what I set it to before I went to bed. It’s not that I want to be sensitive to the temperature and the noise level in our home. Speaking of our fiance, she grew up in a legitimately noisy and warm and humid environment when it came to her sleep. Thus, though she doesn’t necessarily sleep all that long, she has the uncanny ability to completely go unconscious for at least many or many hours a night. She sleeps like a rock! I easily wish I had such an ability, however instead, I am in desperate need of turning down the temperature control and cranking up that fan to be comfortable!



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