The computer store

I recently went to my local computer store to have my computer repaired.

  • I had called them ahead of time to see if they could repair it same day while I sat in the store and waited.

They said that based on what I told them was wrong they thought they could by simply wiping it and reinstalling the operating system. This was great news. I made this call ahead of time because it was easily hot outside due to a heatwave every one of us have been having. And inside the computer store I knew was absolutely great air conditioner! Not to mention on top of the air conditioner being great in there, they constantly had a great smell and air quality in the venue. It is just so relaxing. You would not expect this for something care about a computer shop, but there it was, and perfect air conditioner, great indoor comfort and not to mention the great people that labor there. They even have an section where you can rest down and relax while they labor on your computer. I constantly have to compliment them on the great air conditioner and the great air quality every single time I go into the venue. It lets them guess that someone notices and hopefully will keep them having that great air conditioner and that great air quality. The air conditioner comes from a commercial heating and cooling system that is easily powerful. Much more powerful than even the brand current and current central heating and air conditioner I have in my own house!

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