The dust was so thick it clung to itself.

I knew that our apartment was dusty. Ed and I lived in a section where the dirt roads were dirt roads. They didn’t do oil or popcorn during the Spring, so the nearest pavement was more than two miles off from the state highway. All you had to do was have a light breeze, as well as the dust was inside the house. My concern was that the dust was so bad, it was clinging to itself, as well as making it look as if a mohair blanket was in all our cupboards. The grease from cooking caused that mohair blanket to get an oily sheen to it, as well as I couldn’t disinfect it. I hired a professional cleaner to get rid of the heavy dirt as well as dust, but they told myself and Ed to call the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C business. If I had this much dust in the house, there would be a concern with the ductwork or the gas furnace themselves. I took that advice as well as called the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C business. I told them about all of the dust as well as the grease. When the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C tech arrived, she said that I needed a hood fan that would pull the grease outside instead of putting it back into the air. She then tested the air ductwork as well as asked when it had last been cleaned. I couldn’t tell him if the ducts had ever been cleaned. The next afternoon, I had a team of professional ductwork cleaners clean as well as sanitize our ductwork. Lucky thing they were here, because they found some holes in the ductwork as well as could fix them while doing the ductwork cleaning. I still have dust in our house, but it seems cleaner, as well as the furniture isn’t interesting mohair blankets.
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