The furnace was busted at the donut shop

Every once in a while, there are some pretty good perks to being an Heating and A/C sales lady.

I got 50 lb of steaks from a butcher a single time when I went to fix her commercial A/C and Refrigeration unit.

Another time, I was at the bakery working on a commercial boiler. The bakery gave myself and others free donuts for a month, however recently I was at the donut shop working on a commercial heating problem. The owner of the donut shop called because the commercial heating plan was not working overnight. There was no a single in the shop overnight, but the owner arrived the next afternoon and un-even temperatures were in the ’50s. That was a truly good sign that the heat was out overnight. I was the professional assigned to the commercial repair. Honestly, it wasn’t particularly a truly difficult or strenuous repair. The biggest issue was reaching the section where the maintenance needed to be made. It was a small space and there wasn’t a lot of room to work. I called someone at the front office so they could bring part to the donut shop. I wasn’t too far from the shop and I knew that the parts girl would be able to bring things more quickly. I sat down at a table to write out the bill and bid and the owner of the donut shop brought myself and others some fresh croissants that just came out of the oven. The croissants were filled with cheese and the sweet flavor was particularly delicious. When I was finished repairing the commercial heating system, the owner of the donut shop sent myself and others back to the office with various dozen fresh donuts for all the people at the shop.

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