The furnace was necessary after my daughter moved back home

My wife and I found out that our daughter got married after she ran away from home.

She married a guy that she claimed to love after they ran away and got pregnant.

At least the guy stuck around instead of running for the hills like most guys would do. When my daughter called me for the first time in 2 years, it was because she needed help. She was actually only living seven or eight miles away from our old home. She was within a half an hour of my wife and I for the last 2 years and we did not know it. My daughter called because she didn’t have heat in her home and she was freezing. She was at the address alone with two kids and she told me that her boyfriend had left to get cigarettes the previous day and he never returned back home with the car. He cleaned the bank account out instead and ran off. I told my daughter that I thought she should come home with me. She didn’t think that was a very good idea, but I knew it was the best thing for her and the two kids. We fixed up the basement with bunk beds for the kids and a queen bed for my daughter. I installed a new furnace down there so the whole place has heat and in the summer I will put an air conditioner down there. I don’t want my daughter to ever run away from home again. I tried to make the room cozy with heat and AC. The kids have a tv and video games and there is a bathroom with a shower downstairs too. I hope she will stay right here at home where she belongs.
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