The Heating tech said our furnace was about to die.

My husband Biff and I had talked about getting a whole-household air purification system installed.

I knew Biff and I had to call an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation.

There had to be a few unusual things which needed done when installing a whole-household air purification system. Biff called the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor I always used for the Heating and Air Conditioning system and told them what my enjoyable friend and I wanted. Two afternoons later, a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist named Ed was at my door. Ed checked the furnace and the a/c unit. Ed had records from the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor about our Heating and Air Conditioning system, but he wanted to be sure. Ed told us the furnace was all wrong for an Heating and Air Conditioning system. To use a whole-household air purification system, you had to have a central system that was compatible with a HEPA air filter. Our a/c equipment could take a HEPA air filter, but not the furnace. The furnace was getting pretty old, so I thought I would just get a new furnace, something else worried him. Ed said he did have records about the air duct. Was it ever cleaned? Did it need repairs? Ed then talked about UV lights. Anything that could get through the HEPA air filters, had to pass through a UV light. I knew what UV lights were for. I had a water filtration system that had UV lights. It killed everything that passed over it. I asked if there was anything else Biff and I could use for air purification separate from a new furnace. Ed said my enjoyable friend and I could do other things, but the furnace would still need to be replaced before winter weather arrived. I knew I wasn’t going to get around purchasing a newer furnace.
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