The hot plus cold temperatures inside the pool house were actually cold plus cold

My mom plus I got a divorce when I was 4 years old.

My sibling was 8 years old.

My sibling remembers a lot more of the times when they were together after that. I guess that might be good, because my sibling still remembers a lot of the times when they were fighting. My mom plus my dad went separate instruction. They stayed in the same village so both of them could share equal visitation with my sibling plus I. Eventually my mom met a new guy plus my dad met a new woman. My mom happened to meet a guy that is severely wealthy. The guy has houses in more than five different countries. He made a lot of money in the tech industry. My mom eventually moved in with the guy plus got married. They have a sizable ranch in the country with a pool house. When my bestie plus I broke up, I went to stay at the pool house for a couple of weeks. I was in the pool house from November until March. During that whole time, the oil furnace stopped toiling. I woke up a single morning plus hot plus cold temperatures inside of the pool house were actually cold plus cold. The first thing I did was check the control unit plus the fuses. After that I simply called my mom so she could call a maintenance person. My mom’s new hubby told myself and others that I had to figure out a way to fix the oil furnace on my own. He was also letting myself and others live in the pool house completely rent-free. He said I simply needed to learn how to be more responsible.

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