The HVAC is doing more than cooling the house

I’m so fortunate to be able to own a pretty big chunk of property.

Having grown up in apartments in the city with radiant heating and zero air conditioning, this was always my dream.

But I never thought I’d have this much space. I’m able to move around without having to accommodate neighbors or other people I don’t know. It’s such a wonderful situation for me. But having a nice house with great residential HVAC can still be plenty of work. There’s not a lot of time for sitting in the recliner enjoying the HVAC cooling. Although these days, I most definitely make time to catch my breath in the air conditioning. I have plenty to keep me going. Just mowing the lawn and keeping up the property is plenty to keep me busy. So I’m acting like a farmer these days and getting up at first crack of sunrise. But by 10 in the morning, I can be pretty worn out. So I do get inside the air conditioning to cool off and hydrate. It took me this long in life to really understand how important hydration is. So taking these breaks inside the HVAC cooling and getting my water is important. And speaking of moisture, the heat pump takes care of the moisture level in my house. That’s right the heat pump, is doing more than just providing the HVAC cooling I love. The air conditioning process is also balancing the humidity level at the same time. That versatile heat pump is doing so much for us and we don’t even realize. Without that air conditioning process, I’d have a whole lot of mold and mildew to clean. And like I said, I have plenty to keep me busy.

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