The HVAC unit has a high SEER rating

Last month, Jack got a brand new central HVAC unit.

Frankly, this HVAC system that he bought is like no other.

It’s the most powerful central HVAC system Jack has ever experienced in his whole entire life. He is not used to a central HVAC system being this top quality. Jack had not bought a new HVAC unit in almost 22 years, so this is proof here on how much HVAC technology has changed majorly over several decades. Who knew? Who had any idea? Jack sure as heck did not. He is not one who keeps up on the latest and greatest in HVAC technology. To him, if it works and does the job, that is all that matters and it is all nice for him. Jack does not need the coolest HVAC technology unless he has no choice, like now. But he has to say he is so cheerful about this. Because the central HVAC system he just bought is so good, this saves him on energy use and lowers his electric bill. Because it heats and cools the home faster than the seasoned central HVAC system unit from 22 years ago. Not to mention, this brand new and completely modern central HVAC system that he recently invested his savings into has a high plus charming SEER rating.

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