The HVAC warranty is there for a reason

The idea of having my folks move down here seemed like a no brainer.

And while I’m so glad they aren’t dealing with a gas furnace and loads of snow, dad has been a handful.

He’s the sort that’s kind of accustomed to getting things the way he wants them. These days, much of dad’s day consists of sitting inside the air conditioning. He’s just not able to do the stuff he once did. And it can be very frustrating for him. So I do my best to be compassionate and understanding when it comes to getting him all riled up. But when it came to the HVAC equipment in his new place, I had to get a bit aggressive. My mom’s been gone a while, leaving dad on his own. My sister lived about two hours away and could get him if it was necessary. Wishing figured out that he really needed me down here. So we found a condo he could afford it’s just 10 minutes from where I am. Moving to a region with a really hot summer sort of through dad for a loop. And I had to sort of get him a custom to a higher thermostat setting in the summer to keep the HVAC cooling cost down. When he decided he was going to see if he can work on the HVAC unit I had to step in. I pulled out the HVAC equipment warranty and we went over it together. He heard me state the warranty is void if anyone but a licensed HVAC professional touches it. Dad values warranties so this definitely got his attention.



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