The indoor air quality could be much better

I believe that things could be better and last week felt that I could come down with some type of cold or something.

I was feeling like I did not have any energy plus I was also experiencing a sore throat that was hurting a great deal.

After multiple days, I discovered that allergies from the pollen inside of the trees were beginning to affect me and the symptoms were quite overwhelming to start with. I got some symptoms and some pills from a neighbor above plus needed that type of relief until I could go to the pharmacy which was later that week. I bought some stock later of the allergy medicine for my neighbor plus also myself. I decided to take them plus run around the lake apartment media air cleaner most of the time for this Pawn to be away from my Lake apartment plus away from my body. During the weekend when I didn’t have any energy plus I assumed it was due to fighting allergies, I decided to take some antihistamines and that made me feel even more drowsy. It was nice to have the hepatite of air filter in my air purifier due to the fact that it can genuinely keep away pollen Plus dust. Today my friends plus myself would like to go to the beach but unfortunately there is some problems with allergies in the air and it’s best for me to stay home where I can use the indoor air purifier. The heating Corporation will open up later this week and maybe then at that point I will be able to grab an extra piece of equipment.

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