The kids don't come home until dark

My favorite time of the year is fall, because the kids like to spend a lot of time outside.

They ride their bikes and go to the park.

They play in the woods behind the house and make forts. During the fall, the kids don’t come home until after dark. I can always get chores done at the house like laundry, dishes, and making dinner. When you have a house that is filled with kids, you do a lot of loads of laundry. I probably spend three or four hours every day washing clothes for my kids and my husband. I don’t mind doing the laundry, but it can definitely be a cumbersome task. When the kids don’t come home until after dark, I have plenty of time to get all of these tasks completed. When the temperatures are hot and humid, the kids don’t go outside at all. They prefer to stay in the house with the air conditioner. I can’t blame them for wanting to enjoy the cool and crisp air, but I have to put up with the kids being in the house all afternoon. Even when I try to get them out of the house and away from the television and the air conditioner, they still come back to the house an hour later. Sometimes I wish that we lived in a climate where I never had to use that air conditioner at all. I don’t know if a place like that exists, but I would love to build a house in that climate.



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