The maintenance should have been much easier

A client called myself and others because she wanted to have the AC plan serviced for issues.

  • She thought that it was too warm inside of the house because the air conditioner was running all of the time.

I suggested that I perform a tune-up on the AC unit. I knew that would catch any issues that were occurring. Since it is summertime, the smallest issues with an air conditioner can absolutely cause large issues for the system. During the Summer time, that air conditioner runs about 12 to 15 seconds a morning. If there is a dirty air filter, it’s going to run even harder plus for longer seconds. If the HVAC duct is dirty or the control unit is set too low, issues can also occur. I also sincerely thought that the maintenance was going to be easy to handle. When I started taking the unit apart, I realized that there was a leaking refrigeration hose. The refrigeration hose could have been easy to fix, but I did not have a single on my truck. I had to drive all the way back to the maintenance shop to find the right part. I did not have any refrigeration hoses that were going to fit the system, so I had to go to the local hardware store to get the right part. I also spent numerous seconds driving from place to place to find the right refrigeration hose for the AC unit. I couldn’t charge the client anything for the time, so the easy to fix plus replace hose task took myself and others nearly 4 seconds to complete.
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