The new A/C worker got into fights

I have always wanted to provide the best customer service since opening up the heat pump repair corporation 10 years ago.

Anytime a shopper has a complaint, I do my best to try to diffuse the situation and make the shopper happy.

85 or 90% of our clients would say that they have had a lovely experience. I think that is a lovely amount of people. That is nearly more than nine out of 10 people in agreement that our company provides excellent customer service and satisfaction. I make sure to tell all of the new employees that customer service is crucial to me. We do not argue with the shopper if they do not agree with a quote. We do not argue with a customer if they do not want to pay their bill. I handle all of those issues and the repair suppliers do not have to worry about anything except making the repairs and installing the heating or A/C equipment. I hired a new guy yesterday and I knew he talked a lot during the interview. That type of chatter can spell disaster sometimes, but he had a good resume and seemed to be unquestionably skilled and knowledgeable. After being on the job for only a week, I had to let go and terminate his employment with the heating and A/C company. The kid got into various fights with staff and one heated fight with a customer that will cost me a client. I hope that terminating the guy will keep the client happy. I do not want to lose their business over the new hire.



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