The new HVAC company was offering amazing deals

I live in an area where all the neighbors know each other.

  • We’re sort of a small community of friends who choose to remain close.

Other places, people hardly know their neighbors. But, since we all have kids, we saw the need to get to know one another. Our area has a small park with a playground where we meet for the kids to play. This is also the place we hold summer and winter festivals for our small community. I guess it’s sort of the HOA setup without all the rules and regulations. The other day, I got a knock on my door and saw an HVAC company representative. He introduced himself and said he was representing a new HVAC company in the area. They were offering new customers a chance to test their skills. After I got the flier, he said goodbye and started to read what was on offer. The new HVAC company meant business since they had some of the most attractive deals I have ever seen. If I called them within 2 weeks, I’d get free maintenance on my heating and cooling units. Plus, any repairs that I’d need would be free of charge including adding new parts. Some HVAC companies offer free repairs, but you have to pay for the parts. However, the new HVAC company made it clear everything was free including the parts to be replaced. In addition, any person who needed HVAC installation would get 40% off after buying the new HVAC system. Since HVAC maintenance repairs and servicing isn’t cheap, I wasn’t about to pass this great opportunity. I called the number on the flier to book an appointment.

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